Frequently Asked Questions

At Chipstix we have tried to come up with a few FAQ's. We encourage you to send any further questions via the Contact Us page.

Q. What type of oil should I use to fry?
A. Sunflower oil is highly recommended which should be available at most stores.

Q. Must the whole skewer be emerged in the oil?
A. Yes, you lay it down horizontally in the fryer it should be fully emerged so that it can cook all sides evenly.

Q. How will I remove the Chipstix from the oil once cooked?
A. With a pair of BBQ stainless steel tongs. Grip it in the same manner as you would a kebab.

Q. What is the minimum size skewer that I can use in my Chipstix machine?
A. The Chipstix machine is designed to fit a custom made bamboo skewer measuring 5mm in diameter and 350mm. These skewers are available direct from the Master Franchise managing your geographical area or where applicable direct from Chipstix Ltd as part of the Franchise products range.

Q. What type and size potato should I use for Chipstix
A. Chipstix Ltd has a strong networking relationship within the agricultural sector which not only ensures that we are able to advise on the best suited varieties but also we are able to in some parts arrange the supply too.

Q. If I want to trade from a mobile concession trailer or stand, what is legally required of me?
A. Legal requirements vary from area to area and you are best off asking for further information directly from the Master Franchise secured within your area of interest.

Q. Where can I find a basic food hygiene course?
A. Some areas outside of the UK do not require that you pass such a course and we would therefore suggest that you contact the Master Franchise for the geographical area of interest.